Monday, May 15, 2017

Rock n Roll Back at It..Boomers!

    It's been some time since I've posted. So here we go. You know a person has to set goals of just doing it. Jim do it regularly. I've to get into the swing of things.

    Since the last post it's been down to my place in Arizona twice and back here in Washington. You know seems there's so many things that pass by and time just flies.  They say "life is like a roll of toilet paper..the smaller it gets the faster it goes" so be it. Hang on to your hat!

    Oh, retirement is great.  The only thing is you've got to keep your mind active and wheels turning. I am still promoting things that can add to the pocket book thou. I recently came across one that will restore life to your batteries life. Don't know if it's your problem now, but could be in future.

    My daughter's boy friend Jason built this site below.  What he promotes is so good too.

    Jason Smith built this site and it's earning. It's his mother's business. Take a look and see what your thoughts maybe. He builds them for others too. Here's the site and business. Plus, if you want some darn good've found it and there's special on every order which are great. Order some now, you know you want some.

    Time to run yard work.....

    Thanks for stopping by Jim


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Works24Seven....Lose it Sleeping

   Yup it sure does work.  Sleep it off and feel good about yourself again.  Plus the added fact is your body will be better off for the weight lose.  I just take a half a cap full at bedtime..and sweet dreams.

   You know 95% of the people in the World have that need to lose weight.  You know when I mention weight lose.  The first thing is does it work?  Well, I lost 14 pounds just over 30 days and yes it works.  I really did find a product that works.  All you have to do is try it.

   Weight loss company with a great products.  We have a full line of great weight loss and Anti-Aging products.  Products that can help sculpture the whole body.  You know along with weight management there's always commitment.  Nothing works if  you are not in it with both feet.

   I mentioned in a previous blog about the product and I am just trying to drive it home.  You can really make a difference in your life with this product.

   Oh and I might mention that if you are willing to share and tell others this can be a great income for you.  Again if everyone knew how powerful and life changing this is....they too would want to join you.

  We have a link where you can enroll free and take a good look at the products and opportunity.  Free tour now and lock in your position.  We have a team that'll supply the tools and help you achieve your goals and more.  Join us today.

   I appreciate you stopping by thank you.

   Wishing you the best now in all your life endeavors,  Jim Redland

Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day..What a Day!

   To my surprise this morning.  The New York Stock Exchanges opens with a Veteran's string quartet playing and sing "God Bless America" what a blessing.  Veterans from all branches of the military where there to celebrate.  It sure made me and I am sure all appreciate the dedication men and women give for our country and freedom.

  I know today many establishments are giving in gratitude those who served.  Let us take a moment now remember those left and didn't come home and those who are still suffering.  If you encounter a meeting with a veteran or active service service person today shake their hand.  Let them know you care.

  Enjoy your day and thank a veteran.    

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Manage Your Weight While Sleeping!

  It's been awhile since I posted a blog.  I feel like I've got to get the word out about just being social and helpful.  Hope you enjoy and I'll try and stick with it and converse on this and that.

 It's that time of year again.  Thanksgiving and the Holidays to follow and people worried about gaining weight.  Seems there's dozens of ways and programs that tend to tell ways to rid yourself of that unwanted added weight.

  Let us talk about it.  Hey there's pills, lotions, potions and a whole lot more.  Next they recommend exercise or calorie restriction.  Boy, oh boy it's no fun when you have got to restrict yourself from all the yummies and goodies.  Let us be frank it's just no darn fun.

  I ran into something that's easy, simple and works.  What is it?  Read on......

  "Warning, You may sleep great and lose weight" really it works.  How do I know, because it's working for me.  Don't ask me how.. it just works.  My results about 15 pounds in about 45 days.  I really didn't do anything different.  Oh sure, I trying to clean up my act a bit...Mmm!

   Now think about this if you share it with others local or on the Internet you could possibly make a fortune too. Losing weight and gaining in the pocket book can't be all bad.

  Here's the Secret and your better days ahead.

  Thanks for stopping by checking out my blog,  Jim Redland

P.S. Go ahead and fill out the no obligation form on the Secret and I'll get back to you..ok.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Traffic Exchanges Build Solid Businesses!

I've just received my first email from TE Profits and I'm really excited. It is going to give me the opportunity to find out how to help my website. I want more traffic, more leads and more sales for my business. I know that I have a great product. I know that I have a great website. All I want to do is turn that into cash.

Oh, and on top of that I want it to be easy. I don't have time to spend in chasing things that don't work.

The email promises me that someone who is an expert in all of this will take the time to help. It's so reassuring. A Traffic Exchange marketer will tell me where I'm going wrong. But more than that - they will tell me how to put it right!!

Not only that, I've already got the link to get started straight away-

This is just the first in a series of great helpful emails that will help me with my Traffic Report.

The future promises the great information that will help me to get-

1. More Traffic

It will give me the ability to drive traffic to my website without any more effort. It can lead to getting massive multiples of the people I currently have visiting so I can generate more sales.

2. Lead Generation

It will show me the way to get business for me automatically.

3. The Funded Proposal

It will show me how I can bring money into my business to spend back on the business. Any investment for the future will be worthwhile and by generating the sales now, I can build a bigger and brighter future.

4. Mailing Lists and Follow Up

Once I have got people on my mailing list I need to know how to keep them there and how to turn their interest into sales. It is so important to get this right and I know that I will get full support here.

5. Promoting YOUR Business

It gives me the knowledge to turn my prospects into my next set of loyal customers. The lessons that I can learn from will show me how to put the customer’s needs first.

TE Profits present everything in an easy-to-understand way that I can follow. I know that I will be able to follow their instructions because they are written in such an easy way to understand.

I can only change the future by taking decisive action and by following the advice of people that know what they are doing. I have complete trust in TE Profits and their experts to be able to set me up to make a success of my website.

I know that if I follow the advice I will be given then I can make a positive change to my website. The instructions will allow me to succeed more every day. TE marketing is the way to a profitable business and I am really looking forward to what is next.

With this traffic and lead generation system, you can make ANY legitimate business work!!

I have access to the report right now... Join now and build a solid business.

Tomorrow promises a simple method to get huge amounts of web traffic with much less surfing.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Game Over Back To Work!

   Football season has come to an end and now we're back to work.  I enjoyed the season, but all good things end.  Come mid-summer they'll be out there again fighting for a position.

   It's time to write about making a go of it on the Internet.  You know, the number one thing sold on the Internet is traffic.  Hard to believe, isn't it?  No traffic to your site means no business.  I've bumped around with ups and down on the net.  I do believe I've finally found what will build a strong stable business in the long run.  

   Businesses all have to advertise. That's one niche that will fly.  Now, add residual income to it and it gets better.  I believe this can be a real benefit.  It promotes the business, builds additional income for you, and results in long term relationships.  Take a look now and see what could be your winner. 

   You know this advertising niche won't disturb your primary business, either.  I believe it'll only increase your business prospects.  Next, it'll build your business to new levels and sharing the same will build theirs.  You now hold the winner for you both.

   I recently wondered what people were ordering at Amazon.  Wow, everything is available.  The days of brick and mortar are dwindling .

   I'll add more in my next blog on TE's .  What's that?  You'll see, check back.

   Thank you for stopping by, Jim Redland


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl ....Sharing and Earning Today!

   Today is the final conclusion of the football season.  The Super Bowl will decide who's on top.  The hype building up to the moment is really crazy. Former Super Bowl players and coaches share their memories on the great times when they played.  The commercials and entertainment it has is unbelievable with excitement.  The NFL's time is now for sharing and earning from all the preparation to this final day of the season.

   The conclusion is big paychecks for the teams on both sides of the field.  The winners will get larger checks and the Super Bowl rings.  The losers will get the smaller checks, but not the ring of victory!

   Just like the Super Bowl those ads with all the hype are sharing for the bottom line.   You too can now share with others and earn.  Sharing some good health tips can be a blessing for you, friends and others.   My friend shared this with me and said that there's no cost to you.  I can't believe it no cost.  He also told me I could get products free for just sharing.   So low and behold I signed up for free and the good health tips!  Watch the video and see what a difference it may make in your life.

   Oh, whoever wins today....... congratulations from a football fan!

   P.S.  Read the testimonials on the health tips.

   Thanks for stopping by today.

   Best in health and wealth,  Jim Redland

   Need people to look at your health tips?   Traffic exchanges can be a real asset for those looking for traffic to your new found business and rewarding.